• Reiki Healing

    Experience the Ancient Healing Art of REIKI energy.

  • Ayuverda Massage

    Ayurvedic massage expels toxins and provides deep relaxation.

  • Ayurveda Herbs

    Ayurveda herbs are essential for mental and emotional well-being of an individual.

  • Ayurveda Recipes

    n extensive list of healing plants, herbs and spices which are typically used in Ayurvedic Diet & Recipes.

The Arts in all their expressions have the power to healing individuals and communities. It is a form of communicate the inner thought and feelings utilizing the imagination to transmute them into tangible to our senses capturing the subliminal message to our subconscious. It is like an hypnotic state that can “reprogram” negative experiences, letting go of bad habits that cause dilemmas, and creating new positive ones; liberating the mental blockage that sometimes does not permit achieve our goals; changing old beliefs and choosing new ones.

The healing arts have been utilized by our ancestors to keep human body in balance connecting and sustaining our natural Wisdom.

It is believe that the human body is structured to healing itself of almost any disease. Each person can heal themselves with art, music, and dance. Artists are creating healing art to heal themselves, others, and the earth, as those that make compositions with recycling materials transforming tray objects into beautiful art work.

The desire for health, for complete physical and mental well being, is a universal factor to all living being. Healers working in hospitals and medical programs are using art to progress health in patients with the desire to achieve happiness and avoid suffering.

The natural and alternative healing such as traditional Chinese medicine, Reiki, Ayurveda, and Yoga from India is the art of living in harmony with the Mother Nature and the Cosmos. The base of this harmony is the integration and balance of the human rhythm with the rhythm of the Universe. These beliefs are the key to reach health inner peace and a state of total well-being.

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